Tuesday, February 6, 2007

And the Snow Begins

The snow began falling at 11:00 am. It started out with just a few flurries here and there, then steadily increased in intensity to moderate snowfall. The temperature out is now at 12 and the snow is definitely *not* melting as it hits the ground. I think we'll see every inch of snow out of this one. It is a very fine and light snow which means even if we get just a *little* bit of wind it will likely blow the snow around and drift.

Jude Redfield on channel 13 out of Indianapolis says snowfall rates will hit 1-2" per hour in the heaviest bands. He also states that the heaviest band of snow will follow the I74 corridor.

A lot of schools that were on 2-hour delays due to the cold earlier this morning are now dismissing early. Looks like Franklin County schools got it right from the beginning. What a waste today would have been had we gone in to school only to be sent home two hours later!

Here are a few pictures from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and here. The first two are from Cincinnati (lower deck of Brent Spence bridge/I75 S at Towne Street) and the last is from Indianapolis (I 465S at I65). The final picture is from the house. It's obvious to see that the snow hasn't started in Cincinnati like it has here yet.

I'll post more this evening.