Thursday, March 1, 2007

Spring Like Thunder Storms

It's been quiet for the last few days. This morning though, I awoke to the sound of thunder and a few flashes of lightning in the area. A warm front was pushing north and behind it some very mild spring like air was heading in. Forecasters were thinking that their might be a risk for severe weather in our area, in fact we were in the slight risk area by the SPC. The southwestern part of the state however, was in the moderate risk area. The southwestern part of the state also was one area that was under a Tornado Watch until 8pm this evening. There wasn't any severe weather that developed though. Just some heavy down pours and a little lightning and thunder. All of the severe weather stayed well to our south.

Severe storms ripped through parts of the deep south this afternoon. Most notable was in the town of Enterprise, Alabama where a tornado struck the local high school just as students were being dismissed. Thirteen people were killed while 50 were injured at the school. Five more people were killed in a nearby trailer park.

The winds have picked up considerably in the last thirty minutes or so. I believe the cold front is moving through at the moment. We have had gusts over 30mph so far. Forecasters are calling for gusts up to 50mph during the day Friday with much cooler temperatures than what we experienced today. A wind advisory has been posted for counties to our west.