Saturday, March 3, 2007

Spring vs. Winter

Friday morning was probably the most beautiful morning we had had in quite some time. The sun was bright, the skies were blue, the air was cool but not cold, and the birds were singing. It truly was a sign of spring. The day continued with plentiful sunshine, but strong winds too. The highest gust that I measured here at the house was 30mph at 4pm, but I know there were stronger gusts of wind. On my drive to Rushville, there were several gusts that pushed me sideways as I drove down the road.
This morning was the flipside to this post. Light snow fell covering everything with white once again. I didn't go out and measure, but it looked as though about 3/4" fell early this morning. It is quickly melting though in the... I can't believe it. Five minutes ago I went out to put some mail in the mailbox and the sun was shining and the snow from early this morning was nearly all gone. I just turned me head to look outside though and it is cloudy out with a snow shower. When will this winter end? Tomorrow should be a better day. Hopefully.