Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I don't know if it is the dry weather or what, but this year the gnat population has exploded. Everytime you walk outdoors you get swarmed by them. I read an article online about bufalo gnats in Illinois that bite and kill chickens. I don't think that's what we have here, but nonetheless, the little buggers drive you 'gnutty'!
The drought monitor comes out with an update tomorrow morning. I think most of east central and southeast Indiana will be in the moderate drought category. I'm sure others will not take this position, but I'm hoping the drought gets much worse. I'm one who likes extremes and if we can't have extreme heat then bring on extreme drought. The last time I remember seeing such dry conditions was in 1983. There may have been several times since then that have been equally dry, but that's the date I remember.
A severe thunderstorm watch was issued for southwest Ohio this evening for storms in central Ohio that were moving southwest. They never got any closer than maybe 50 miles east of Cincinnati though. In fact, the watch was canceled for the southwest Ohio area, but remained in place for south central Ohio. I did see the towering cumulonimbus clouds in the distance at 9pm though. Our next chance for widespread rain is Tuesday, June 19. After that, I hear there isn't much else through the end of the month! :-)