Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We had a couple of rounds of showers in the area today. The first round came through around 11am, but went through the area just to our north so we didn't receive any precipitation locally. I happen to be on my way to Rushville at that time though and went through a very heavy rain between New Salem and Rushville. The rain was coming down quite heavy. I couldn't predict with any accuracy what the rainfall rate would have been, but it was a wipers on constant low (not intermittent) type of rain.

Later in the afternoon, a second round of showers came through the area around 2pm. This round gave us our first significant rainfall since June 3 and 4th when 0.26" fell on the third and 0.09" fell on the 4th. Today's rainfall totaled 0.36". The image below is a radar estimate of the rainfall from 11pm on June 18th to 9pm today. I wanted the Indianpolis radar estimate, but their website wasn't working at the time of this post.

The updated drought monitor will be out Thursday. I think this bit of rain we received today will prevent us from being placed in the "severe drought" category this week. I think we will remain in the "moderate drought" category though. According to the current forecasts, there isn't much of a threat for rain in the next few days. It also is supposed to be getting HOT. I saw a forecast out of Cincinnati calling for a high of 97 on June 25th. Maybe this will be the year we hit 100! I hope so. The combination of heat and dry conditions would be a double extreme for the summer.