Tuesday, July 3, 2007

June 2007: A local perspective

According to the NWS in Indianapolis, June 2007 was warmer and drier than normal. Could that be the case here? Let's find out.

There were only two 90+ degree days in June. On the 16th, the thermometer topped out at 90.5 while on the 17th it topped out at 91.4. There were only six other days in June with a high temperature of 87 or above. The lowest temperature recorded for the month was 49.4 recorded on June 6th. The mean temperature for the month was 71.2 which was 0.9 above normal. As a result, I'd have to say that the month ended up to be normal as far as temperatures go.

The month of June was dry. We don't need a rain gauge to tell us that. One look at the lawns, crops, and area lakes, rivers, and streams give plenty indication of just how dry June turned out to be. For the month, we ended up with 3.22" of rainfall. Nearly 2.5" of that total fell in the last ten days of the month with 1.7" falling the last three days of the month. Overall, we ended up being 1.12" below normal in rainfall.

With the increased rainfall in the end of the month, the drought has eased somewhat. Lawns are beginning to green up and grow a bit more now, but ponds and streams are still low. We'll see what July has in store for us. Thunderstorms are in the forecast for the 4th of July holiday, so maybe our bout of dry weather has ended.