Saturday, July 7, 2007

Triple Digit Heat in the West

The heat is on as they say. The western states are sizzling under triple digit temperatures. Excessive heat warnings have been issued for the Mojave Desert of California, southern Nevada including Las Vegas, and extreme northwestern Arizona. When this area is placed under an excessive heat warning you know it's got to be hot! The temperature in Baker, California reached 125 Thursday, July 5 while it was 116 in Las Vegas and 115 in Phoenix. The hot weather isn't just located in the southwest though. Boise, Idaho hit 107 Thursday which was 6 degrees higher than the record. More. The high temperatures are also leading to high demands for electricity. As a restult, the demand has caused transformers to overheat and blow causing power outages.

Locally, the weather has been typical for the first week of July. The forecast calls for the heat in the west to begin moving east. Temperatures could be as high as the mid 90's on Monday before cooling off into the upper 80's with scattered storms Tuesday through Thursday.