Wednesday, August 8, 2007

No record here, but elsewhere...

Today's high of 95 was the highest temperature I've recorded since I began using my Davis Instruments weather station in 2003. Prior to this, I recorded a high of 102 on July 30, 1999 and 101 on July 27, 1997. I have no records previous to 1997. Nonetheless, today was hot! The heat index topped out at 109 today with a max dewpoint of 75. It was really unbearable outdoors.

Elsewhere, Louisville, Kentucky tied their record high for the day of 102. I see that Hamilton, Ohio hit 101 while Cincinnati hit 100. I don't know if these were records or not, but hot anyway. Indianapolis hit 95 today. The heat index for all of these cities was easily in the 100-110 category. I know that the maximum heat index hit 109 in Louisville today by reading John Belski's blog on
By 5pm, a storm had developed as a result of an outflow boundary coming from a storm over New Castle. The storm dropped 0.79" of rain in about 90 minutes. The wind wasn't very strong with this storm. The maximum gust was 18mph from the North.