Thursday, November 15, 2007

Season's First Snow Flakes

It wasn't much, but there were a few snowflakes falling from the sky early this morning and later in the early afternoon. These were the first snowflakes of the season. It has been quite cold and windy today. It certainly felt like winter outside.
The winter outlook is out. Hopefully, things will work out the way things are suggested here as
far as precipitation goes. A >40% chance of being wetter than normal may mean more snow. I just wish we weren't in the warmer than normal area. There may be some big temperature swings though which will help make *big* storms. :-)

The diamter of Comet Holmes has now become larger than the sun! It isn't the comet itself that has become larger, but the atmosphere that surrounds the comet that has expanded. Apparently, the explosion that made the comet bright enough to be seen has also thrown a lot of dust and gas into space surrounding the comet. The picture shows a comparison of size between Comet Holmes on the left and the sun on the right. You can see Saturn in the lower right corner of the photo as a comparison to both.