Saturday, December 1, 2007

November 2007 Summary

From the NWS in Indianapolis...

November 2007:
Mild and Dry

November 2007 was a relatively quiet month for weather in Central Indiana. Temperatures were on a roller coaster for much of the month, with conditions becoming occasionally warm or cold, but never staying that way for long. The wet weather of October was a distant memory as November returned to the drier ways of previous months. Temperatures were just slightly above normal this November.

The following is a summary of the conditions experienced in Indianapolis during the month of November, 2007.


November 2007 finished with an average monthly temperature of 43.4 degrees. This was above normal by 0.5 degrees. This made it the coolest November since 2000. It is also the 7th consecutive November to finish with above normal temperatures.

Many days finished within a few degrees of normal, and in fact four days were exactly normal for the date. Overall, 11 days in November 2007 reported temperatures above normal. 15 days during the month saw below normal temperatures.

The 20th was a remarkable 20 degrees above normal, as the low temperature only fell to 58 degrees that night.
The first low of 32 degrees at Indianapolis came this year on the 6th of November. This is very late for the first low of freezing, which normally comes around the 18th of October. The last time it was so late was 1956, when it didn’t happen until the 8th of November.


November 2007 saw a return to the drier weather that had plagued Central Indiana during much of the rest of the year. The month finished up with 1.85 inches, which is below normal by 1.76 inches. This made it the driest November since 1999.

Most of this month’s rainfall came on the 11th through 13th, when 1.03 inches fell at the Indianapolis International Airport. The first 10 days of the month were very dry, with only a trace of rain falling in that time span. The final 10 days of the month were fairly wet, with 0.79 inches of rain measured during that time.


The first snowfall of the year was reported on the 22nd of November, when a trace of snow fell on Thanksgiving Day. A normal November would bring 1.3 inches of snow. This made November 2007 only the 16th November ever to experience no measurable snow, but the third in the last six years.

The last time November snowfall was above normal was back in 1995.


The official outlook for the month of December calls for an enhanced likelihood of colder than normal temperatures and above normal precipitation.

Data Prepared by Logan Johnson, Climate Services Focal Point with assistance from NWS Forecast Team
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Temperature and Precipitation Records Cover 1871-2006 in the Indianapolis Area.
Snowfall Records Cover the period 1884-2006 in the Indianapolis Area.
Normals refer to reference period 1971-2000