Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winter Storm Warning

A large winter storm is beginning to impact the area with heavy snow, freezin rain, sleet and rain. At the moment the temperature outside is 28 with light snow falling. The snow began to fall at 8am this morning and has continued. I'll paste in a picture from my weather cam below to show what it is like here at the beginning of the storm. The potential exists for us to get about 8 inches of snow out of this storm. Some are saying that freezing rain and sleet will mix in here, but I'm not so sure that will happen. If it does, our snow totals will be reduced. If it doesn't, then I think we may get up to a foot of snow. :-) The winds are forecast to pick up on Sunday, so if that does happen we will have a lot of blown and drifting of the snow. I don't think we'll have a blizzard though. You need heavy snow falling along with strong winds for a bonafide blilzzard and the precipitation will be moving out as the winds pick up.