Friday, February 1, 2008

Stick a Fork in It... She's Done

Bust! That's all I can say for most forecasts across the area. The low pressure system decided to take a more westerly route across the area which pumped in a lot more warm air than was anticipated. The snow forecast amounts were pushed west as a result. Indianapolis was expecting about 6 inches of snow and received less than an inch. Lafayette was expecting nearly a foot of snow and received only 3.5 inches. Areas in western Illiniois however, received much more snow than was originally forecast. This just goes to show that you can't predict Mother Nature with much certainty at all.
Here at home, the snow/sleet/freezing rain began to fall around 10pm. It began as a heavy burst of sleet accumulating to about a half inch. There was some snow mixed in with the sleet. Eventually, the sleet turned to freezing rain and rain as the temperatures rose through the night. Temperatures rose from 28 at 10pm to 36.5 at 8:30am. Temperatures are currently heading downwards though. I'm assuming this is because the winds have shifted a bit. Temperatures are forecast to fall through the day today.

Highways are in excellent condition this morning, but back roads in my immediate area are covered in a thick sheet of ice. The sleet that fell at the onset of the storm melted into a mass of ice on the roadways. There has been very little traffic on the road this morning, and there have been no county trucks sanding. School is closed today.

On to warmer weather for the weekend and next week. There's still plenty of February left though!