Sunday, March 9, 2008

Late Winter Snowstorm

The blizzard warning remained in effect through Saturday afternoon, but I don't think blizzard conditions were ever reached. At least not here at home. The strongest wind gust Friday night into Saturday morning was 28mph around 1am Saturday. Yes, the snow was blowing considerably and there were some large drifts, but not a blizzard. Perhaps further east and northeast towards Columbus, Ohio where they received 20.5" of snow, this was the case.

My prediction that we would not see 10" of snow was way off. We ended up with about 12" of snow. Of course, it is very difficult to measure with the snow blowing around so much. There are some places where the ground is completely bare from the wind while in others, the snow two feet deep.
Road conditions seem to be in excellent condition. The March sun is strong and once the snow is cleared from an area, the sun readily melts the remaining snow. I questions whether we'll have school tomorrow. The roads seem fine, but I wonder how many school bus turnarounds and driveways have been cleaned out. I hope we have a snowday. An Alberta Clipper system is heading southeast tonight, so they say we may get another inch or so of snow overnght.