Saturday, April 19, 2008

Large Aftershock Felt

An aftershock to the 5:38am earthquake was felt here in Indiana. At 11:15am, a magnitude 4.5 aftershock rolled through the area. The aftershock provided a different "feel" when compared to the main earthquake. I was sitting at my desk working when I began to notice my LCD montior screen rocking back and forth, then I felt the wave type motion rolling across the floor beneath me. It felt as though I was on a boat and the boat was rocking very slightly. Again, it was an exciting moment considering earthquakes are extremely rare here. The kids that were in my classroom at the time felt it too. An interesting affect of the quake was the dizzy feeling I had for just a moment during the quake. I didn't mention this to anyone, but one of the kids mentioned that it made them dizzy too. It appears that our bodies are very sensitive to ground movement.