Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Summary

Not a lot to say about the month of July. It's been warm and humid, one might even say hot, but it is July afterall. We didn't hit 90 the entire month. I think that can be attributed to rainfall. The moist ground adds to the humidity in the air which in turn makes it more difficult for the sun to heat the air. Last summer we were in the middle of a fairly severe drought and the ground was bone dry. That's why we had several 90+ degree days in 2007.

I was hoping that the remnants of hurricane Dolly would give us a couple of inches of rain over the last two days, but the storms quickly fizzled as they headed across the Illinois-Indiana border. When the second wave came through later in the evening, the rain went just to our south. So... the monthly rain total for July topped out at 4.33 inches. That was just 0.03" below normal. I'm thinking August will be very similar to July. We'll wait and see.