Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Return of the Drought

Could we be entering another drought? It certainly has been dry the past several weeks. So far in the month of September we've only had 0.95 inches of rainfall. That is less than half of what we should get over the entire month. The last time we had significant rainfall greater than a tenth of an inch was September 12 when 0.22 inches fell. The drought monitor does not currently have our area in the "abnormally dry" shading yet, but I think when the new monitor is issued on Thursday, September 25 we'll skip abnormally dry and go straight to the moderate drought shading. Time will tell.

In other weather news... hmmm... well, there isn't any new weather news. It's boring out there! I sure hope there are some good storms in October and November to break this string of what most would consider "nice" weather. In my opinion, nice is boring. :-)