Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Freezing Drizzle

There's been several winter storm watches and winter weather advisories posted for our area over the last two days, but very little in the way of significant winter weather. Most of the precipitation fell south of the Ohio river. There was a thin strip of 3-5 inches of snow across eastern Kentucky and south eastern Ohio. Locally, freezing drizzle was the problem forcing schools to dismiss early on Tuesday and close on Wednesday. Temperatures have hovered in the low to mid 20's over the two day period.

There are three more winter storms heading our way over the next week. Each storm will track further to the south, so the first storm will just be bringing some heavy rain to our area. Storm two, will come in on Sunday bringing more snow and freezing rain to the area. It's storm three that might be the most signifcant for us. That storm should be tracking across the area around the 24th and 25th. It would be great if we could have heavy snow falling on Christmas Day! Time will tell though. Storm three is still in the Pacific Ocean and anything could happen over the next week.

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