Friday, December 26, 2008

Spring Thunder

The warmth has arrived. The current temperature at 11:30pm is 58F (14C) and it continues to rise as the warm air flows northward from the Gulf of Mexico. It's amazing to see how the weather can change in just a few days. The map at right shows the current temperature across the country at 11pm. I posted an identical map five days ago (December 21) showing much colder temperatures at the same time of night, 11pm.
There were a few thunderstorms in the area today with some heavy rain. Two-tenths of an inch of rain fell through the day today with most of that coming in the morning hours with the thunderstorms.
Fog has been a problem through the day today too. At times, visibility was reduced to zero. The warm air flowing over the still frozen ground caused the dense fog.
The temperature forecast for tomorrow has us at 66F (19C) and Cincinnati at 71F (22C). The threat for severe weather has been pushed back to the west for Saturday. Winter should return Sunday with a high temperature of about 40F (5C) with wind west winds around 20mph and wind chills as low as 28F (-2C).

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