Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here Comes the Cold

Well, we ended up with about an inch of snow which was within the range forecast. It's really sad when you consider an inch of snow a decent snowfall, but this winter it seems that's about the best we can do. The high today only reached the mid 20's, so the snow that did fall was very dry and fluffy.
Even though we were only able to squeeze out an inch or so of snow, one consolation is that some arctic air is filtering into the area which hopefully will drop the temperature to the coldest readings since December 2004. Overnight lows are forecast to be near 0F (-18C) tonight and near -10F (-23C) Thursday night. Tomorrow's high will be in the single digits above zero. Areas just a bit farther north like Kokomo will remain below zero all day! Although that seems cold, it's a walk along a tropical beach compared to International Falls, Minnesota. Lows there tonight are forecast to be -48F (-44C) and high temperatures tomorrow at -15F (-26C). I know it sounds crazy, but I'd love to live in a part of the country with those types of temperatures.

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