Monday, January 5, 2009

Where's Winter?

This is turning out to be a very boring winter season so far. I'm sure the little boy in this picture would much rather be sledding down a hill covered in fresh white snow rather than teeter around in a playground. In the fall, some forecasters were calling for a severe winter across the eastern half of the US. Well, the northern third of the country, especially around the Great Lakes, have had a severe winter so far. I think Madison, Wisconsin had 60 inches of snow in December alone. Locally though, we've had no more than an inch of snow on the ground at any one time. We did have a few rounds of freezing rain causing problems on the roads, but it was short lived. No, this winter is turning out to be bad for those of us who like the snow. I sure hope we get a few good storms in before it gets too late. March will be here quickly and although we can get some great storms in March (Check out March '08) the snow doesn't stick around long due to the suns higher elevation. Come on Mother Nature, give us some snow!

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