Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Storm Summary

The storm is over and skies are slowly beginning to clear this afternoon. After receiving 3 inches (8cm) of snow Tuesday morning, about an inch or two of sleet fell Tuesday afternoon into the early morning hours of Wednesday along with a small amount of freezing rain. The sleet and freezing rain then turned to all snow with 6 inches (15cm) blanketing the area ending around 11am Wednesday morning. I measured the snow in several spots and came up with an average of 9 inches (23cm). The sleet packed down the snow a bit from Tuesday morning.
Other areas received a lot more snow. I saw one report from Gosport in Owen county of 15 inches (38cm) of snow with the Indianapolis area getting 12 inches (30cm) of snow. Bloomington also saw a foot of snow. Lighter amounts further south because more freezing rain mixed in cutting snowfall totals down.
Snow plows didn't make into the area until after 2pm today. The roads that have been plowed are in good shape.

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