Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Storm Warning

Finally, a storm that brings more than an inch and will require some shoveling! A two round storm is affecting the area today. Round one brought about 3 inches of snow (7cm) in overnight Monday into Tuesday morning. Much lighter amounts fell to the north though and heavier amounts to our south. Seymour, Indiana picked up 6 inches of snow overnight.
Round two is just beginning this afternoon and is predicted to bring 6-12 inches (10-30cm) across south central Indiana. Temperatures are very cold at the surface, but a bit warmer above so sleet is going to be a part of round two. Unfortunately, if we do get a lot of sleet the snowfall totals will be down. I'm thinking though that the sleet will remain to our south this evening and we will just get snow locally. At least that's what I'm hoping.
A winter storm warning has been posted since Monday morning for the area outlined in pink on the map above. The blue areas represent a winter weather advisory. I was watching the weather on Channel 13 out of Indianapolis at noon today and their meteorologist disagreed with the winter weather advisory and believed that it should also be upgraded to a warning. Time will tell, but with the possibility of a foot of snow, that sounds like a good idea.
There's one thing that would make this storm a really good storm... wind. I don't think we'll see much wind though.

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