Thursday, February 5, 2009

Iguana Rain

It was "raining" iguanas in south Florida this morning. When the temperature drops to 40 degrees, the iguana's metabolism slows to near zero and they basically fall asleep. In Miami, the temperature was 38 this morning so all of the iguanas that were sitting up in the trees.... fell out of the trees onto the ground. After it warmed up, they woke up and went on their merry way.

Locally, temperatures were quite cold too. The low here at home this morning was -4F (-20C), but it was even colder just to our west. In Shelbyville, the morning low dropped to -13F (-25C). Temperature will be warming by about 60 degrees over the next few days. Our blanket of white will soon become a blanket of muck in no time. The possibility for up to 2 inches of rain next week along with the melting snow cover may lead to flooding.

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