Monday, March 16, 2009

Space Station or Space Lint?

The International Space Station (ISS) flew overhead this evening and I attempted to take a photo as it flew over. I wasn't too successful. The white jagged streak in the photo below is supposed to be the space station as it traveled across the evening sky. Or, it could be a piece of lint on the camera lens! :-) I know for a fact that with my eyes I saw the ISS even if the camera didn't. My camera is a relatively inexpensive Fuji FinPix A340. It certainly wasn't made to take great pictures. Although, it is quite rugged. I once dropped it in my dog's water bucket where it sank to the bottom in about 10 inches of water. After taking the camera apart to dry out and then reassembling, it worked! I doubt you could do that with and expensive SLR.

On to the weather... it's getting boring! All of the extra daylight from the switch to Daylight Saving time is also annoying. It's too early to be outside in the evening working in the yard and too cool to enjoy it. We've not had any wind, rain, thunder, or lightning in the past week either. I hope next week will be more active!

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