Friday, June 19, 2009

Indiana Summer Heat


With temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s in the forecast for later this week, it's time to shift gears into a summer mindset, even though the mild and very wet weather the past few weeks has not felt too summerlike yet.

However, now is a good time to recall your tips for keeping safe in the hot weather and how to effectively 'beat the heat'. A great place to get started is:

While many times it feels much hotter than the 90s, in fact temperatures of 100 or better are very rare in the Indianapolis area. The last time the mercury reached to 100 or better was August 16, 1988; almost 21 years ago! In the record books, it is not uncommon to see stretches of 20 or 30 years in Indianapolis without temperatures reaching 100 degrees.

On average, Indianapolis will see 18 days every year in the 90s. Most of them come in July, which averages 7 days a year of 90 degrees or better. August averages 5 days in the 90s, and June sees 3 on average. September averages 2 days, and May just one.

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