Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June 2009 Summary

June usually is a month of transition from mild and comfortable weather to hot and humid weather. June 2009 was no exception. The month began with cool temperatures. The lowest temperature of the month was 45F (7C) on June 5. The highest temperature of the month was 93F (34C) on June 24. The last week of the month was very hot for late June. In fact, on June 24 the heat index reached 103F (39C). June 29 and 30 however, have been unseasonably cool and comfortable with low humidity and overcast skies. It has actually felt more like late September than late June.

Rainfall for the month has been below normal. Only 3.65 inches of rain has fallen which is 0.69 inches below normal. The maximum 24 hour rainfall total was 0.89 inches on June 10. Interestingly, some areas in the region have has nearly three times the amount of rain this month. Louisville, Kentucky has had nearly 10 inches of rain this month, while Indianapolis has had over 6 inches of rain this month.

Looking ahead, the CPC (Climate Prediction Center) has put us in the below normal temperature category and the equal chance of above or below precipitation category. I have very little faith in the long range outlooks.

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