Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rainy and Cool Independence Day

Happy 4th of July! Lots of rain for today across the Midwest. I'm sure a lot of picnics are being washed out today. The rain might be out of here by 10pm for the fireworks.

In addition to the rain, temperatures have been very cool for the beginning of July. In fact, the first two days of the month have seen high temperatures in the 60's. July 3 did warm up, but only to the mid 70's. Today, July 4, the temperature warmed to 71, but once rain began the temperature took a nose dive into the low 60's. Temperatures are forecast to warm a bit this week, but will continue to be below normal.
On the flip side of the cool weather, heat advisories are posted for the Pacific Northwest where temperatures are in the low to mid 90's. Heat advisories are also posted for east Texas, Louisisana and Mississippi where temperatures are nearing 105F (41C). I'll gladly take the cool rainy weather over the heat.

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