Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Color Quickly Fading

The fall color is quickly fading. The tree at right is in my backyard and it has lost nearly half of it's leaves. The early morning rain and wind brought a lot of the leaves down. I'm sure that by next weekend, there will be far fewer leaves on the trees if any at all. Some trees however, are holding on tight to their leaves. The pear trees in my yard are still green mostly. They usually hold on to their leaves until Thanksgiving! Based on what I see around the area, the fall color map from the Weather Channel is not very accurate. Of course, what from the weather channel is accurate? Anyway, it gives a general idea of what's going on.
Although 1-2 inches of rain was forecast for the area, 0.81 inches actually fell. Some areas to our west did receive over an inch of rain, but it seemed the rain really fell apart as it moved towards the east.

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