Monday, October 12, 2009

More Snow

It was a snowy morning in the Twin Cities this morning. Minneapolis/St. Paul picked up 3-4 inches of snow overnight and into this morning. This same storm stretched back towards Cheyenne, Wyoming where a multi-car pile up occurred on I25 south of Cheyenne. Road conditions apparently caught drivers off guard.

There's been quite a bit of snow this weekend across the plains states. Nearly 7 states are covered in snow this evening and more is on the way.

The lowest temperature in the nation this morning was 0F (-18C) in Cut Bank, Montana. In Indiana, the lowest temperature was 35F (2C) in Terre Haute.

It looks like the US is not the only place receiving some early October snow. Locations in Austria are also getting in on the action. Read more about it here.

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