Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Winter Outlooks

There are a lot of winter outlooks to examine this fall. What's interesting about all of them though is that they don't all agree on what the upcoming winter season has in store for us. The first forecast to look at is from Henry Margusity at Henry's forecast (at right) indicates that we will have above normal snowfall.

The next forecast (at right) is from the website, This forecast also calls for above average snowfall and below normal temperatures.

The black sheep of the bunch is from NOAA. They are suggesting that a strong ElNino will develop in December bringing us a dry and mild winter. However, in their initial winter forecast, they had a much larger dry area and no cooler than normal areas. Time will tell what will happen.

A lot of times, the pattern that sets up in October and the first half of November is a good indication of the pattern that will continue through February. If the cool and stormy pattern that we've had over the last two weeks continues for the next four weeks I'd say winter will be great. However, a lot can happen in the next four weeks and I haven't ready anything on what the next four weeks will bring.

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