Saturday, October 31, 2009

October Summary

It's a great Halloween evening. There's even a full moon out tonight! An awesome night for ghosts and goblins to go trick-or-treating!
As I suspected, the rain last night didn't amount to much. Only 0.59" of rain fell overnight. Although the forecast called for some light rain and clouds this morning, it turned out to be dry and sunny. It was actually a nice day for the end of October.
October ended up being 2.6 degrees below normal with a mean temperature of 50.7F (10.3C). The warmest temperature was 77.6F (25.3C) on the 30th of the month and the coldest temperature was 27.9F (-2.3C) on the 18th. As for precipitation, October ended up being 1.94" above normal with a total of 4.79" for the month. No snow fell during the month.

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