Saturday, December 26, 2009

Oklahoma City, OK Blizzard

OKC doesn't see a lot of snow in the winter, but beginning on Christmas Eve a blizzard blew through town dropping up to 14 inches (36cm) of snow and 50 mile per hour winds! Sounds like something I'd love to experience myself, but likely won't. At least not this winter probably. Here's a video showing what conditions were like driving through town. I can't imagine how things would be out in the open away from buildings and trees.

It snowed a bit further south too in Dallas, Texas. Dallas experienced their first white Christmas in 80 years! It does snow in Dallas on occasion, but never very much and it certainly doesn't stick around. In fact, today the temperature hit 46F (7C) today with lots of sunshine. I'm sure the snow is now all gone.

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