Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lowest Temperature of Season... So far

Overnight lows dropped into the single digits this morning. Locally, the temperature bottomed out at 1F (-17C) with slightly colder temperatures to our north. Some areas dropped to -2F (-19C) overnight. Our low temperature of 1F was the coldest since March 3, 2009 when the morning low reached 7F (-14C).

The snow system that looked so promising for the later half of the week seems to be dwindling. I look for maybe 2 inches of snow out of the system by Thursday evening. It seems that the models are cutting off the available moisture and the system is trending further south. Tennessee will likely see 8 or more inches of snow. I think we'll just be on the northern edge.

Tomorrow, when I go back to work, I'm sure I'll be asked, "So, how much snow are we going to get this week?" My answer will be, "Eighteen inches and a blizzard. Better stock up."

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