Sunday, January 10, 2010

Spring Planning

The spring seed catalogs are starting to appear in the mailbox every day now. On these cold winter days it's fun to look through these catalogs and think about your summer garden. I'm sure that's the entire marketing point of them. Enticing customers to order seeds and plants in January when your mind is thinking about warm summer breezes and blue skies. I think it works too. :-)
Speaking of warm summer breezes and blue skies; the one area of the country that should be experiencing this type of weather in January, Florida, is not. Since the beginning of the month, Florida has been in the grips of a deep freeze which has threatened the citrus crop as well as other tropical species such as sea turtles and manatees. In fact, Orlando (located in the center of the state) saw snow this morning. There's a youtube video I found of kids playing in the Florida snow below. It's a bit sad actually. I wonder if these kids had ever seen snow before? Also, when have you ever seen someone in a snowball fight wearing shorts and flip-flops?

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