Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's Spring! Meteorogically Speaking

Spring has sprung... in the minds of meteorologists anyway. You see, to keep statistics in nice and neat order meteorologists do not follow the astronomical seasons. Instead they follow three month junks of time. December, January, and February are statistically considered the winter season. March, April, and May are statistically considered the spring season. June, July, and August are considered the summer season. September, October, and November are considered the fall season. So... there you have it. It's S * P * R * I * N * G!!!!!

Looking back over the 2009-2010 winter season, I have to say it was okay. December was cold, but we didn't have any snow. January was cold too with only a small amount of snow. February turned very cold with plenty of snow. Our season snow total topped out at 35 inches. This is well above normal for the area. December trended 1F degree below normal, January was 4.3F below normal, and February was 8.7F below normal. Although we never did drop below zero for the entire winter. That is not normal. We got close though. The coldest temperature all winter was +1F (-17C).

I can't really predict how much liquid precipitation fell during the season though since I do not have a heated rain bucket and I didn't take snow samples.

Now it's time to turn our attention to the upcoming spring season and the possibility of severe weather. I haven't heard any outlooks about the upcoming spring and summer season, but will post as soon as I hear or see something.


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