Saturday, May 1, 2010

Severe Flooding in Western Tennessee

Northwest of Memphis, Tennessee up to 12 inches (30cm) of rain has fallen today! As a result, severe flooding is occurring across the area. There have been 5 deaths reported today due to the storm and more are likely. You can click on the radar rain estimate to the left to see a larger image.
Next, watch this amazing video below of a building floating along on the water. It appears this video is from a traffic camera. The cars and semis appear to be on a bridge that goes over a river or stream. Notice how in the foreground, you can see where the water has filled the bridge deck and the water is pouring over the concrete barrier sides. Finally, the building gets sucked under the bridge, disintegrating in the process.
If the flooding wasn't enough, tornadic thunderstorms are heading across the same areas affected by the flooding. Right now, five active tornado warnings across Arkansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. No reports of damage, but I'm sure by morning more information will get out of the area.

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