Friday, July 23, 2010


Nearly the entire eastern half of the country is under some sort of heat advisory or excessive heat warning. I don't think I've seen this in a while. Heat index values from Kansas City to DC will be in the 105-110F (40-43C) range. According to the NWS in Indianapolis, this is the warmest Indianapolis has been since September 2007.

Hottest Temperatures in nearly 3 years at Indianapolis

The high temperature at Indianapolis will reach the middle 90s today. This will be the hottest temperature for the Indianapolis area since September 5, 2007 when the temperature reached 96 degrees. Other high temperature milestones for the Indianapolis area:

99 degrees last occurred on July 30, 1999

102 degrees last occurred on August 16, 1988

103 degrees last occurred on July 15, 1988

104 degrees last occurred on July 14, 1954

106 degrees last occurred on July 14, 1936

The highest temperature recorded at the Indianapolis airport is 107 degrees on July 25, 1934. At this time the official weather station was located in downtown Indianapolis, where the temperature reached 105 degrees.

Wouldn't you hate to have to work outside in this heat. Especially a job like road paving. Couldn't do it.

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