Sunday, September 12, 2010

It was no drought buster.

Saturday, September 11, saw 0.13 inches of rainfall. Not much considering it was the first rainfall since August 21. Yesterday's rain did little more than settle the dust for a day or two. The next few days call for clear skies, low humidity, and temperatures near 80F. Perfect weather to just suck the moisture from Saturday out of the ground and return us to tinderbox conditions.

Our best chance at relief from the dry weather is a tropical system moving up the Mississippi and Ohio river valleys. There are currently three systems to watch in the Atlantic. Igor is currently a category 2 storm and forecast to become a category 4 storm. This storm will have little or no effect on us here in Indiana. Tropical depression 12 is just coming off the coast of Africa, but it too will likely move off the coast of the US. I do see some tropical development just to the south of Haiti in the next two days. If this develops, we could see a storm move into the Gulf. These are the storms we need to look for if we want rain in the Midwest.

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