Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Snow

The snow wasn't quite as heavy across our area as I had hoped, but we wound up with nearly 3 inches from this storm. The main roads were mostly wet with just a bit of slush since road crews began treating the roads with salt and brine solution before the snow began. Back roads were snow covered though and slippery this morning. Now they are mostly wet with slush in the center of the travel lanes and on the sides. Temperatures are beginning to fall and will likely cause some icy spots where no salt or brine was spread.

Had today been a school day, we likely would have been closed simply because of the conditions of the back roads. On to the next snow whenever that might be.

Compared to the '09-'10 winter season, we're already ahead in terms of snowfall. The first accumulating snow last season did not happen until December 19 with 1.5 inches falling. Already this year, we've had five inches!

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