Saturday, January 22, 2011

Coldest in Two Years

It was a cold morning across the region with several areas dipping below zero F for the second night in a row. (Click on the map to enlarge the image.) Morning lows on Friday, January 21 dipped to -2F (-19C) at 8:40am, but that wouldn't be the low for the day. The actual low for the day occurred at 11:59pm when the temperature dropped to -5F (-21C). Today's low (Saturday, January 22) dropped to -7F (-22C) and occurred shortly after Friday's low at 12:50am. Temperatures slowly began to moderate over night as a southwesterly flow took over bringing in the warmer air. Temperatures the last two nights were the coldest since January 2009 when the mercury dipped to -11F (-24C).

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Indiana was at New Whiteland. A small community just south of Indianapolis. The date was January 19, 1994 and the temperature was -36F (-38C). Source: Indiana State Climate Office

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