Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Updated Travel Ban Map

Many more counties have been added to the travel ban map. I imagine most of these counties will remain at their current advisory level through the day today. My road is coated in a layer of ice, then an inch of sleet, then another layer of ice. That's the perfect recipe for a solid sheet of hard ice.
Temperatures overnight actually rose to 37. At 11pm the temperature hit 32, rose to 37 at 1:50am, then began to fall and hit 32 at 2:50am. At 9:20am it is 21.
Winds have been strong, but unfortunately my anemometer is frozen over and unable to move. It's on the roof too, so it will just have to wait for a warm up.
Thankfully, the power did not go out overnight for me. There are some outages around the area though. The warmer temperatures last night along with the wind knocked some of the ice off the trees. That seems to have reduced the load on many trees which in the wind is a positive. A lot of limbs have fallen and there will be a big cleanup once the weather breaks.

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