Thursday, April 21, 2011

Extreme Flooding Likely

The next three days will see an incredible amount of rain across the midwest. Based on the evening forecast, up to 5 inches (130mm) of rain will fall across southern Indiana by Sunday morning. Up to 10 inches (260mm) of rain will fall across southwestern Illinois and southern Missouri. Low lying areas will see significant flooding. This will be the beginning of a very wet period over the next ten days. So far in April 6.67" inches (170mm) of rain has fallen at my location. Cincinnati has seen 8.19 inches (210mm) of rain this month. The record there for April is 9.77 inches (250mm). The all time wettest April on record for Cincinnati is 13.7 inches (350mm)! The Ohio river will likely hit 60 feet (18 meters) next week. Flood stage is 52 feet (16 meters).

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