Sunday, October 28, 2012

Here Comes Sandy A.K.A. Frankenstorm

I hate it when the media grabs a hold of a storm and gives it a name like "Snowmageddon" or "Frankenstorm".  Yes, the storm heading for the east coast is a big one, but it already has a name... Sandy.  So let's stick with this storm's given name shall we?
Okay, so hurricane Sandy is moving north along the east coast of the United States and is expected to make landfall along the south Jersey shore (insert your own joke here) late Monday night.  The storm will hit the coast with a punch.  According the the National Weather Service, "...SANDY EXPECTED TO BRING LIFE-THREATENING STORM SURGE FLOODING TO THE MID-ATLANTIC COAST...INCLUDING LONG ISLAND SOUND AND NEW YORK HARBOR... ...WILL BRING COASTAL HURRICANE WINDS AND HEAVY APPALACHIAN SNOWS..."  

This is a historic storm that the likes of have not been seen in a hundred years.  The storm will effect an enormous section of the east coast.  Just look at all of the warnings and watches posted by the NWS.  Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, New York Connecticut, Massachusetts  Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Michigan will all feel the effect of this storm.  The mountains of West Virginia, Eastern Kentucky, and Western North Carolina are already under a blizzard warning where they could see up to 2 feet (61cm) of snow and white out blizzard conditions due to the winds gusting over 50mph (80kph).   The coastal regions will see hurricane force winds of 75mph (120kph) or greater with a storm surge expected to push far inland.  Flooding will threaten both life and property.  The winds will be felt far to the west too as wind advisories have been posted all the way back to Indiana with gusts up to 50mph (80kph) possible at times.  This will be a cold wind too.  The circulation around the low will pull down the coldest air of the fall season so far with daytime highs here at home struggling to reach 45F (7C) on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We may even see a few snow showers.
So batten down the hatches and bring in the lawn furniture cause it's going to get breezy.

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