Saturday, January 4, 2014


It's the classic "Boy who cried wolf" scenario here.  Nixle is a great tool that public agencies can use to get information to the community in a timely manner at no cost to the recipient using SMS text messaging.  The problem however, is that some public agencies, such as the Franklin County, Indiana Sheriff's Department (FCSD), use it way too much.  Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should.  I'm tired of getting text messages telling me that some back country road has been closed to replace a culvert, or that there's been a vehicle accident somewhere in the county, or that county office workers should report to work 2-hours late, or even that there are black people in the neighborhood.  Yes, a message was sent out telling us black people were spotted in a part of the county that had experienced home robberies.  
Now I know I can unsubscribe from the messages, but sometimes FCSD sends out useful information such as when the county is placed under a snow emergency or when a severe weather event like a tornado is imminent.  These are emergency situations that require immediate dissemination of information.  A road closing to replace a culvert is not an emergency that everyone needs to know about.  I wish the FCSD would reserve Nixle for situations where the information they are sending could save a life rather than our time.  What's next, sending out a message telling us it's going to be cold this weekend?  Oh wait, they sent that one out this afternoon.

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