Monday, January 29, 2007

No More Predictions

The temperatures warmed up today to the mid and upper 20's today. We didn't get as cold as I had hoped last night. I said the temperature would drop down to 5 degrees last night, but it never got below 9. In fact, the temperatures warmed up over night and was 14 by 7am this morning. So, I'm not making anymore predictions. I'll just repeat what I'm hearing and hope for the best.

On that note, a southern storm is brewing for Thursday and Friday and will bring at least 3 inches of snow somewhere in the Ohio or TN valley's. The models had the snow across TN earlier today, but now the northern band of the snow is forecast to reach the Ohio river. Maybe it will continue its northward trend.

An interesting event occurred Sunday in Wisconsin. A TV news live truck was doing a story on the dangers of thin ice Sunday. The driver of the truck turned down what she thought was a road, but it actually was a frozen canal. The weight of the truck was too much for the ice and it fell in.