Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Very Cold and 2-hour Delay

Another cold January day today. We started out with a 2-hour delay for school this morning. Apparently the snow was a bit heavier this morning across the southern sections of the county. We only had a light coating here. The wind was strong though with gusts up to 30mph this morning. We started out with a high of 28 at about 2am and then began to tumble after the cold front came through. By 8am we were down to about 15 degrees which is where we spent the day!

Like I said yesterday, I'm not making anymore predictions but the forecasters are calling for "at least" 1-2 inches of snow tomorrow night and again Thursday night. This according to Angela Buchman on WISH-TV 8 out of Indianapolis. If the snow continues to fall at 8am that should be enough to close school. That's all I want. :-)