Saturday, February 3, 2007

Arctic Outbreak 2

Today has been a cold and windy day. I was expecting a lot of cloudiness today, but it was mostly sunny for most of the day. The sun was shining bright and strong this morning, but began to increase around noon. By 1pm a burst of heavy snow arrived but quickly past and then skies cleared again.
The biggest story for today would have to be the winds. There were several gusts over 30mph today driving the wind chill into the single digits for the entire day. There was a blowing snow advisory for counties north of I70, but that has since expired. A wind chill advisory is in effect though until noon Sunday.
I looked back through the records that I have kept over the years, and this is the coldest February weather since 2003. During that month, our lowest temperature was zero. I imagine we'll be colder than that this year.