Friday, February 2, 2007

Arctic Outbreak

More snow showers came through this morning. We never have anymore than a half inch of snow with these snow showers. It's just enough to whiten the ground, cover the roads to make them white and cause a few slick spots.
It seems that the big story for the next few days will be the cold. We are already down to 7 above this evening and the dew point is at -4. I've always heard that the dew point in the evening is a good indicator of what he low temperature will be in the morning. We'll see. I doubt that it gets down to -4, but then again the forecast called for a low of 10 tonight.
Tomorrow, the wind is supposed to pick up when the arctic front comes through. I saw that we could have gusts up to 40mph. That should make for some good wind chills.
No one sees any significant snow on the way. I think we'll have at least one 4"+ snowfall before the winter is over. I hope anyway.