Sunday, September 2, 2007

August Summary

August 2007 will be a month looked back upon in weather almanacs for years to come. This has been an exceptionally dry and hot month. Fifteen days saw temperatures rise to 90 degrees or higher. We had two stretches of consectuive 90 degree + temperatures with the hottest stretch being from August 6 through August 9. The highest temperature recored though was 96.3 degrees on August 29. This was the hottest day of 2007. Interestingly though, the lowest high temperature was recorded the next day, August 30, with a temperature of only 78.1 pleasant degrees. The highest heat index was 109.1 degrees on August 8th. The mean temperture for the month was 76.7 degrees.

August was also a very dry month. We had only 4 days with measureable rainfall totaling 1.62". As a result, the area has been placed within the "severe drought" boundaries. The ground is dry and only getting drier.

August Statistics --

Highest High Temperature - 96.3 on 8/29

Lowest High Temperature - 78.1 on 8/30

Highest Heat Indext - 109.1 on 8/8

Lowest Low Temperature - 54.4 on 8/18

Highest Low Temperature - 73.5 on 8/6

Days with measureable rainfall --

0.24" on 8/6

0.79" on 8/8

0.52" on 8/20

0.06" on 8/22