Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Beneficial Rain

Wow! Here it is the middle of September already. Well, almost the middle of September. Anyway, the weather has turned around from the hot and dry weather of the past several weeks to pleasantly cool. We've also had some beneficial rain. Starting on Friday, September 7 and ending on Sunday, September 9, 2.53" of rain fell. It was certainly enough to give the grass a boost and green things up. I don't think you can say that it has ended the drought though. Last Thursday, the drought monitor had a large area of southern Indiana in "extreme drought". That is serious. I imagine the drought will continue, although ground moisture shouldn't evaporate quite as readily since temperatures are cooler now. A drought monitor update will be published tomorrow so we'll see if the rains of last weekend have decreased the "extreme drought" coverage.
We are finished with the 90's for this summer.

Today's morning low dropped down to 47 degrees. The coolest temperature since May 19 when the temperature dropped to 42. More cool weather is on the way too.